e-bike against expensive fuel

With the price hikes of fuel in recent days, many are looking for low cost alternative solutions to face everyday life. One solution is certainly to leave the car parked under the house and get on a bike.
“Yes, but what an effort!“ Will observe those who love comforts.
The solution exists and is called e-bike.

E-bike, electric bicycle, pedelec or pedal assisted bicycle?

Many definitions for a single product, that is a bicycle equipped with a battery which in turn powers an electric motor with the function of assisting pedaling. This means that the effort to be applied is much less than that required for a muscle bike. Going uphill or long distances will be much easier and more comfortable.

There are e-bikes for all needs and tastes, including:

  • the e-city bike designed for use in the city or in urban areas,
  • e-mtb (mountain bikes) designed for off-road,
  • e-cargo dedicated to the transport of goods and people,
  • e-roads for training and road sports,
  • the e-gravel a sort of compromise between racing bikes and mtb,
  • e-trekking also a hybrid that combines city with gravel and a little touring.

In the city? The solution is called e-bike

Yes, even in the city the electric bicycle shows all its advantages; in city traffic punctuated by stop and go traffic lights, intersections and traffic jams, pedal assistance allows you to resume your ride effortlessly and to extricate yourself more easily in traffic.

Do I go fast with an e-bike?

With an e-bike you do not necessarily go fast but, even those who do not have particular physical prowess, will certainly be able to tackle much greater distances and also tackle routes of a certain commitment such as climbs. In addition to the fact that e-bikes are not only trendy, but a trend that has been growing for several years now, destined to grow more and more.  

But is the e-bike slower than a muscle bike?

The answer is “yes, it can be” because the electric bicycle motor leaves the factory with a maximum speed limit set at 25 km/h.
However, it is necessary to make some assessments: with an e-bike you don’t go faster but you can go further because even without being an athlete or physically performing, it assists you in pedaling and consequently makes you do less effort and fatigue.  

Can I make an e-bike more responsive and faster?

Yes, you can. Depending on the motor supplied, Eplus offers different products to optimize and speed up your e-bike.
There are chips or kits to connect to the motor, and there are software, both for resellers and for end users, that allow you to customize the factory parameters without the need to install hardware in the motor.

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