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Eplus is a smart electric bike controller available for many engines and with different functions which also allows changes to the factory settings.
For several engines, the system provides for the installation of a device that reads data from the engine in real time and returns them to the dashboard and, for versions with apps, even on the cyclist’s smartphone. The Eplus app, available for Android and iOS, offers advanced features such as: recording and sharing of routes, activation of a deterrent against theft, speed unlock dedicated to competitions.

For Shimano, Fazua and Giant engines is available the Eplus Flash software that allows changes to the engine power directly from a PC without hardware installation.



It is FORBIDDEN by law to use Eplus in public places such as roads, squares and cycling paths. So it is possible to use Eplus in areas such as private tracks or properties. The maker denies responsibility due to any damage to pedal assisted bicycles where Eplus is set up. The maker denies responsibility due to any harm to people or objects.

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