Products to unlock your Ananda ebike

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Eplus offers solutions for the speed unlocking up to 50 km/h for e-bikes with Ananda motors.

An Eplus kit is available for tuning the Ananda M60, M81 and M100 motors,
while a kit with different connectors has been designed for the Ananda M80 motor.
The kits are available in a cheaper MINI version.
The possibility of unlocking Ananda motors via Flash software is also available only for resellers.

In the table below you can find a guide to the features of each version.

Comparison table of our products to unlock your Ananda ebike

Ananda M60/M80/M81/M100
Ananda M60-80-81-100
Unlock speedunlock your Ananda ebikeunlock your Ananda ebike
Corrected data on displayananda speed unlockingunlock your Ananda ebike
Unlock activation modeAlways activeAlways active
Set the wheel sizeananda speed unlockingananda speed unlocking
App for Android and iOSEplus solutions for the speed unlockingunlock your Ananda ebike
Motor block (code immobilizer)Eplus for the speed unlockingEplus for the speed unlocking
Vary the motor mappingsEplus for ananda speed unlockingunlock your Ananda ebike
Ghost: hidden unlock modeEplus for ananda speed unlockingEplus for ananda speed unlocking