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The EPLUS FLASH software also becomes compatible with the DU EP801 and EP600

Finally we can announce a new goal: the EPLUS FLASH software for tuning Ebikes is now also available for Shimano EP801 and EP600 motors. Would it be immodest if we proudly claimed to be the first to bring a tuning solution for these motors to the market? You tell us!

The Shimano EP801 and EP600 twins

Presented at the Eurobike in Frankfurt in July 2022, both models have features that immediately suggest yet another success for the Japanese brand Shimano, world leader in electric bike components.
Let’s start with its little brother, the STEPS DU EP600, simply known as EP6.
It is the new motor in the Active segment designed by Shimano for trekking and cycle touring e-bikes or for mid-range e-mtb. Its characteristics are similar to those of its brother, the EP801. The main difference lies in the use of heavier materials: the motor weighs 2.9 kg compared to the 2.6 of the EP8. This choice allows Shimano to offer this Ebike model at a more accessible price while maintaining the resistance and efficiency of the crankcase and gears unchanged. The performance is also the same as that of its bigger brother EP8 (250Watt, max. torque 85 Nm).
The EP801, the second generation of EP8 Performance engines, not only boasts a new name but is even more powerful than its predecessor. But that’s not all: this cutting-edge engine is also packed with intelligent features that take performance to the next level.

Just like the EP6, the EP801 has also been equipped with a new electronic shifting (Shimano XT Di2) designed specifically for these two drive units which introduces the new features of the automatic shifting systems (Free shift and Auto Shift). Furthermore there are some interesting changes such as the switches, the display and the battery management system (BMS).
Obviously there would still be much to say about the technical characteristics and driving experience of these two little jewels of two-wheeled motorized transport. However, since we are not a specialized magazine, but rather a team of developers, technicians and office mice, focused on researching and marketing technical solutions for optimizing e-bike engines, we will continue this article by addressing the attention to our creations.😀

Flash and Flash Home for EP801 and EP600

Introducing EPLUS solution for speed unlocking: Flash software for retailers and Flash Home for home users.
With our program you can increase your speed up to 60 km/h!
Just like with other Shimano motors, you can choose between unlocking options up to 35 km/h or up to 60 km/h. The choice depends on your needs and our software allows you to set any desired value between 25 and 60! If you want to know more about the features, requirements and prices of the product, click on the button below that interests you most.

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  1. Murad Nazaraliev 7 July 2024 at 13:39 - Reply

    Do I need to downgrade firmware to use your solution?
    Have Orbea Rise SL 2025 with new Ep8rs motor and firmware 4.3.0 installed.
    I would like little bit more speed )

  2. Daniel 8 July 2024 at 00:16 - Reply

    Hi, is it possible to reverse e299 with your software?

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