The origins of tuning

We often talk about tuning, but what is it and where does it come from?

The term tuning (of an engine) was born in the USA around the 60s, with the Hot Rods, which became famous for having been protagonists in various film series, just think of Grease or the more recent Fast & Furious.

The main objective of this “fashion” was to take cars, often historic, and make them lighter and more powerful: the engine was replaced or improved to have more power, then the car was painted in an attractive way.
This trend spread soon to other countries such as Germany and Japan, eventually arriving in Italy too… who doesn’t remember the 500 Abarth?!

And what about ebikes?

This boom has not only affected the world of cars, but also that of motorcycles and subsequently that of electric bikes. Since the postwar period, the tuning has been applied in Italy to bikes equipped with internal combustion engines, such as the Solex or the Bianchi Aquilotto, and then moved on to the scooters of the ’80s and’ 90s. Precisely in those years, numerous workshops dedicated to tuning were born, while the preparers specialized in customizing cars or motorcycles as desired and now also electric bikes.

It is undeniable that the world of tuning has always fascinated sportsmen who dedicate themselves to competitions: Eplus proposes itself as an “ebike motor specialist” precisely because of the competence acquired in the customization of ebike performance.

From unlocking speed by installing a kit or Flash software, the Eplus tuning for electric bikes offers the possibility of also applying the mappings to change the power curve… just like it happens for cars!

Seeing is believing!

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