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How to recognize if a Bosch ebike is equipped with the new Smart System?

The motor can be Performance Line CX, Performance Line, Cargo Line, Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition as also indicated by the writing on the crankcase. And then, how to recognize it compared to that of previous generations?
To be a “Smart System”, an ebike with a Bosch motor must be equipped with a Led Remote control or, in a second variant, with a System Controller + Mini Remote; in addition it is possible to have the Bosch Kiox 300, Intuvia 100 or Nyon2 display. The connectors also change, becoming smaller than the previous ones.

To check if your bike is Smart System, you can check the model and set-up directly on the Bosch ebike website.
Furthermore, a variant of the Smart System called Rim Magnet is now widespread: in this case the magnet is attached to the valve of the rear wheel, rather than to the spoke or rear brake disc.

The innovations proposed by Bosch

Bikes equipped with the updated drive unit allow you to communicate with the new Bosch eBike Flow application that offers information and monitoring on the outputs to be tackled and on the range, as well as on the motor maps and pedal assistance levels.

Thanks to the maximum torque of 85 Nm, the updated Performance Line CX increases the fun even more. The eMTB mode with Extended Boost allows powerful acceleration after tight corners, obstacles or hairpin bends, while the Tour+ mapping allows you to travel in a sporty way while saving energy, for a longer range.

Can the new Smart System be modified?

Eplus has already found a solution to modify it.
The kit works combined with an app… and development is still going on to offer new features and motor customization possibilities in the future.

In combination with the new Eplus kit, the bike becomes even more fun and usable on any type of route, while maintaining excellent autonomy.
The powerful and fluid Bosch Smart System motor maintains an exhilarating progression as speed increases: the Eplus kit allows you to take full advantage of its performance.

Does your Bosch e-bike have a Smart System Rim Magnet?
You will find the magnet on the valve of the rear wheel, instead of on the spoke or on the brake disc: also in this case we have found a solution!
Discover here our offers to unlock models with the Smart System Rim Magnet.

You can then choose whether to purchase the kit via e-commerce on our site, or consult the Dealer Map and contact the one closest to you.

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