Fazua Ride 50 speed unlock

The motor of the German company Fazua was launched at the beginning of the year and brought great amazement and appreciation on the part of bikers who love this brand.

The motor is available in two versions:

Ride 50 Trail, designed for mainly off-road use
Ride 50 Street, for road and urban use.

Moving on to the technical specifications, the pedaling is smoother and the motor, integrated into the frame and weighing only 4.6 kg, more performing.
But if your question is:
How does the motor react once it is unlocked with the Software Eplus Flash?
The answer is easy:

Our technicians have touched (with buttocks) the Street version, along the roads near our company, in order to give you their technical and personal point of view.
The tests were done both before and after the speed unlock and the reviews they left us were all very positive:

“Before the modification, the bike is more fluid and responsive than with the old motor. But only after unlocking the speed, the ebike comes to life. The motor is more aggressive (even after 25 km / h), consequently making the ebike more responsive and allowing you to reach 35/40 km / h very easily. If you are trained, however, you can also reach around 45/50 km / h. Absolutely satisfied! “.

So, in conclusion, Fazua has launched on the market a motor that adapts to a very wide audience of bikers, satisfying various aspects that many require when riding an ebike. Now all you have to do is unlock and customize its true potential with our:

Easy to use, with the ability to perform multiple modifications on the same ebike (at no additional cost) and return to factory conditions.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us! E-mail: info@eplus.bike

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