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For End User

Eplus Flash Home software allows you to unlock the speed and adjust the pedaling assistance in percentage, customizing the driving experience to the maximum level.

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Fazua Flash Home

The speed unlocker for Fazua motors is done through the Flash Home software.

Possible modification for Fazua

  • Speed ​​release up to a maximum theoretical value of 75 km/h (for competition use).
  • Wheel circumference setting for greater precision.

Software updates, technical support via email and remote sessions with our IT specialists included for one year. Then, with an annual subscription of only € 39,00 they remain included.


In order to use the system, you need a PC with Windows 10 operating system (Windows 10 recommended), USB port, Internet connection.

How does it work

To make the changes, the Eplus Flash Home Software is needed. The bike must be connected to the PC with the mini-b usb cable.
Use does not require particular IT skills: with our system it is possible to tune the bicycles independently and at any time of the day, without having to send or wait for confirmation emails.

After making the first modification, the program automatically recognizes the motor serial number and subsequent modifications of the same type are free. Further changes of different types are paid.
The software is easy to use and manuals with detailed instructions are available. The factory settings can be restored at any time.


There is no need to install components in the crankcase.
The software Flash Home is easy to use and detailed manuals are available. Ability to perform multiple changes on the same ebike at no additional cost and return to factory conditions.

Compatibility *

    To unlock the ebike, you must install “Black Pepper” firmware (2.04 version)
    To proceed with the unlock of the latest version (2.50) you must first downgrade to version 2.04, unlock the ebike and then if you want you can update the bike to the latest firmware version available. Follow the instructions of this TUTORIAL VIDEO (“Downgrade” section, from sec. 28).
    To proceed with the unlock of the latest version (2.50) you must first downgrade to version 2.04, unlock, then update MANUALLY and MANDATORY update the bike to the latest firmware version available (2.50).



For more technical information on our speed unlocker Flash Home software for Fazua, consult our MANUAL
Before installing the software supplied by Eplus, it is necessary to read carefully what is reported.

The user licence

The user license is linked to the bike on which the modification is installed and it is NOT transferable.

Ebike updates

Attention, any update of the bicycle could result in the failure of the product.

Product Warranty

Eplus guarantees that the product has no original conformity defects, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. The function is guaranteed up to the latest version of the original motor; before updating the ebike check the compatibility specified on this page.


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