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If you have unlocked the speed on Shimano motors using our Flash software, we have good news for you: there is a good chance that you can activate/deactivate the unlock!

If you are interested in this feature, then you should check if your Shimano motor connects to the Shimano E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app, the official Shimano app, available for download on theu App Store (Apple) and  Google Play Store (Android). If you can connect, then you can toggle unlocking!

How to activate/deactivate the unlocking

It is likely that you already know this application and that it is already installed on your smartphone, as it is very useful for owners of e-bikes equipped with Shimano Steps motors. If you are using the app regularly and if your bike is unlocked with the Flash software… you can also use it to activate/deactivate the unlock!
Simply connect your bike to the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app and search the menu for “drive unit”. If you want to deactivate the unlock, you need to change the parameter relating to the maximum assisted speed setting it to 25 km/h. To activate the unlock, on the other hand, the parameter must be set at the desired speed up to 60 km/h. Some bike models, due to the gears installed, may not reach the maximum speed of 60 km/h.

Which Shimano motors benefit from this feature

SHIMANO STEPS EP8, E6100, E5000 and E7000 motors can be connected to the E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app.
As for the Shimano E8000 motor, you don’t need the Shimano app! Eplus offers its own Eplus Tutor application created specifically for this motor which allows the activation/deactivation of the unlock by clicking on the “Original” mapping’s button. In addition to this function, you can block the motor to prevent theft and you can customize the motor mappings parameters.

We remind you that the unlock of the speed limiter can only be activated according to current legislation: therefore it is possible to activate the unlock in limited places such as circuits, tracks and private properties.

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