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Riding an ebike you will have to change your mind

By reading this article you will discover how it is possible to practice cycling even if you aren’t an expert on two wheels!

Cycle tourism: what is it?

The term “cycle tourism” is a set of concepts that encompasses elements linked not only to the environment, tourism, health and technology, but also to the territory, sustainability and infrastructure. Let’s start with its growth.

How much is cycle tourism worth and what does it include?

According to some specialized sites, in 2021 cycling tourism would have brought Italy about 4.6 billion, equal to 5.6% of the entire tourism expenditure! A real boom in an expanding market.

It can therefore be deduced that many activities, infrastructures and services were born from the synergy between supply and demand, including:

  • Fairs dedicated to cycle tourism such as the Italian Bike Festival in Rimini, BikeUp in Bergamo (Eplus will be among the exhibitors), the Cycle Tourism Fair in Milan, Eurobike in Frankfurt.
  • Bike Hotels and portals that group accommodation for cyclists and operators dedicated to this sector.
  • Cycling networks, local cycle paths and cycle paths of supra-regional and international dimensions (Eurovelo, Bicitalia)
  • App for cyclist planning, tracking, routing and security that support the cyclist (Komoot, Strava, etc).

Cycling: an experience for everyone?

The question that inevitably arises is: Do you need to be trained to do bike touring?
The answer is easy and straightforward: no! Anyone can become a cyclist, even those who aren’t born sportsmen, without being afraid of climbs or long journeys.

If your journey includes many road, then the most suitable solution could be an S-Pedalec, an ebike with an enhanced motor that can reach 45 km/h and which is equivalent to a motorcycle, with helmet, number plate and insurance.

If you have a “standard” ebike, there is a remedy too! Making an ebike more performing is not only possible but also quite simple: depending on the motor, Eplus offers different unlock solutions in order to optimize speed and performance.

Let’s go back now to the massive trend of the last few years…

What are the reasons for this success?

We know that cycling is good for the body and spirit and we Italians have a long tradition in this! If only with “Beauties on a bicycle”, the famous popular film of the 1950s, Pampanini sang in the theme song “with hair blowing in the wind, with a happy heart and a charming smile”.

In less folkloric terms, here are some of the many benefits that pedaling offers:

  • stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonins, those hormones that promote good mood and a state of serenity…(and here is the secret of “happy heart” and “charming smile”)
  • awakens the sense of freedom
  • increases psychophysical well-being and mental relaxation
  • improves muscle endurance
  • accelerates the metabolism
  • reduces the level of cholesterol and blood sugar
  • increases calorie expenditure
  • stimulates weight loss

Cycle tourism: the green soul of travel

Another element of success is certainly sustainability. Traveling by bicycle, even the electric one, has a zero environmental impact, it is eco-friendly!
We take care of the planet, fully benefiting and observing it from an unprecedented perspective that allows direct dialogue with nature and the environment.

In cycle tourism the purpose is not to reach the goal: the journey itself becomes entertainment, exploration, the main objective.
The combination of body – nature – territory triggers a mechanism of union; And this is how cycle tourism inevitably becomes a passion and a lifestyle.

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