Tuning for Yamaha branded ebikes

Have you just purchased an electric bike with a Yamaha motor?

If you want to unlock the speed of your bike, we recommend reading this guide which will help you find the right kit for tuning Yamaha ebikes!

Since 2023 there has been something new in the world of ebikes: Yamaha is now using its sales network, specialized in motorcycles, to also offer the first range of Yamaha branded ebikes, all equipped with both a Yamaha motor and frame. In essence, Yamaha Motors retailers, in addition to motorcycles, scooters, boat and snowmobiles motors, now also offer the new Yamaha brand ebikes, available in different models:

  • MORO 07 , emtb full suspended
  • WABASH RT, e-gravel
  • CROSSCORE RC, urban bike crossover
  • BOOSTER Easy, city ebike


If you want to unlock your Yamaha branded ebike’s motor, Eplus has the right kits!
An unlocking kit is available for the Yamaha MORO07 in the Advanced version: the data shown on the display is correct, the unlocking can be activated/deactivated and you can further customize the functions thanks to the use of the Tuning app.
Instead, for tuning Yamaha Wabash RT, CrossCore RC and Booster Easy ebikes, an Eplus kit is available, again in the Advanced version, but with different connectors.

But it doesn’t end here! Before putting the product in the cart, be careful because, even if the motor installed is a PW-X3 or PWX-ST, the ebike can be from another manufacturer such as, for example, Hibike, Atala, Vitara…In this case, on the motor crankcase you will find the same wording, but you will have to purchase specific kits for the Yamaha PW-X/X2/SE/TE/ST motors available in Advanced, unlocker and MINI versions. If the motor is a PW-X3, you can choose between Advanced and MINI.

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