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Have you just bought a TURBO CREO SL, TURBO LEVO SL, TURBO VADO SL and TURBO COMO SL and now you want to unlock your Specialized SL?

You are in the right place… We at Eplus, have a fun kit to offer you! Let’s see together what the features are and let’s clarify how they work.
After installing the Advanced Chip for the Specialized SL, you can unlock the speed beyond the factory limit of 25 km/h, maintaining assistance up to 50 km/h, thus exploiting the performance of the motor. The unlocking of the motor at 25 km/h is activated via the Eplus Tuning app which shows the correct data and allows various customizations.
We remind you that the unlocking of the speed limiter can only be activated according to current legislation: therefore it is possible to activate the unlock in limited places such as circuits, tracks and private properties.

What functions does the Eplus Tuning app offer?

There are really many customization possibilities that Eplus offers via the app: you can activate / deactivate the modification, vary the motor maps, correctly view the data relating to speed and km traveled, set the speed up to 75 km/h (theoretical value) and wheel size, prevent the motor from being activated, set the unlock active when the bike is turned on.

Is the activation done only from the app?

If your bike is high-end and is equipped with HMI Master Mind, then you will see correct speed and km traveled both on our app and on the device your ebike is equipped with.
If, on the other hand, there is a Handlebar remote on your bike, you can activate the change either by pressing the “Walk” button or from the app.
If there are no displays or additional devices on your Specialized SL ebike, you will have the possibility to activate / deactivate from the Eplus Tuning app.

Do you like Eplus tuning and want to buy the Specialized SL kit?

You can contact an Eplus reseller or buy it directly on our e-commerce.
We recommend you to contact a dealer for installation, which is not very easy for everyone. Watch the video tutorial.
Stay tuned! We are developing a basic kit also for Turbo Specialized which is already available for many other motors:

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