Più sprint al Fazua Ride 60

The new FAZUA RIDE 60 motor is starting to be available at dealers. With this drive unit, Fazua expands its product range.

Let’s find out more about the characteristics of this new motor, extremely small and light.
The FAZUA RIDE 60 motor system in numbers:

  • Torque: 60Nm
  • Peak power: 450W
  • Weight (motor): 1.96 kg
  • Battery weight: (removable) 2.3 kg; (fixed) 2.2 kg
  • Battery Capacity: 430Wh
  • Voltage: 43V
  • Interfaces: ANT+ / Wireless (BLE) / USB-C
  • Connectivity: FAZUA App
  • Riding modes: 3
  • Pushing aid: yes

You immediately notice the total weight of only about 4.26 kg (motor, transmission, battery and sensors), the 430 Wh battery, which ensures energy even for long journeys, the assistance with 60 Nm torque and a peak power of 450 W. It is quiet, smooth and natural to drive.

For the Fazua 60 the motor/battery block is no longer completely removable as in the Fazua Ride50 version, too bad, it was a much appreciated feature!

Some curiosities about Fazua: it is a very young company, born in 2013 in Germany near Munich; is known worldwide as a manufacturer of transmissions for electric bikes, specializing in the light motor category. After purchasing a 20% stake in January 2022, Porsche, with a view to expanding into the electric bike sector, acquired all the shares of Fazua.

If you are thinking of buying an e-bike with this new drive unit, then you can evaluate, for example, the proposals by Wilier, Haibike or Focus. Once you have chosen your bike, if you are interested in unlocking the speed of the Fazua Ride 60 we offer you to install an Eplus modification.
At the moment the Flash software is under development for this motor, while the MINI kit, with incorrect data on the display and always active unlocking, is already available: you can buy it online or go to an Eplus dealer and request installation.

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