wash e-bikes

Washing your e-bike can be more complex than it seems, especially for those who are new to electric lovers.

But don’t worry, by reading this article you will discover all the secrets of the trade!

Super-friend tip: to clean an ebike, the use of a pressure washer is not recommended.

The various parts of the ebikes have in fact been designed to resist rain, but the strong pressure of the water jet could compromise the gears.
Having clarified this fundamental aspect, also remember to direct the jet of water from top to bottom.

If an Eplus kit is mounted on the ebike then the protection must be greater because our kits are designed to resist a few drops of water, but they are not expert swimmers! 

We therefore recommend that you cover the electrical parts of the bike very scrupulously, also because the Eplus guarantee does not cover any defects caused by humidity that could occur.

What do you need:

  • An easel
  • Water
  • A sponge / microfiber cloth
  • Specific cleaner
  • Specific lubricating oil for chains

How to proceed

The first thing to do is to hook the bike to a support and disconnect the battery and the display, at which point cover the contacts left uncovered very well, in case they cannot be disconnected (display and battery) wrap them with a cloth / film so they don’t get wet.

With a sponge or soft brush, soap the e-bike using specific products so as not to damage the frame; without forgetting the chain, another big shot that needs your care to work at its best.

Once soapy, rinse the ebike thoroughly.
Super-friend tip: after wiping with a microfiber cloth, leave it in the open air for a few hours so that all the most hidden water droplets dry.

Now there is only one final step left, lubricate the chain, obviously with a specific product. Apply a drop of lubricant on the inside of each chain link, and in the meantime, slide it to allow even distribution of the oil.

Super-friend tip: It’s always a good idea to clean the chain after the most demanding outings so as not to encrust mud and/or grass deposits.

Now that your ebike is polished to perfection, you’re ready for a new ride!

Do you have any other tips on how to wash your ebike? Write them in the comments below the article.

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