The first race of the EBX – Electric Bike Cross – the new Federmoto championship is underway, with the technical sponsorship of Eplus.

A little more than a month after the announcement at the Motor Bike Expo of the entry of high-performance E-bikes into the world of the Italian Motorcycle Federation, the new IMF Italian Urban EBX Championship officially starts. The first race will take place in Verona on February 15th at the Cosmobike Show. The announcement and the start of the Championship in two important exhibitions for motorcycles and E-bikes respectively, show that two worlds that were distant up until a few years ago have found the perfect synthesis in EBX.

The riders will race on E-bikes with power over 250 Watts on an innovative circuit made up of jumps, curves, obstacles and joker lanes: they will battle for 12 consecutive heats in two distinct GP and Modify categories. Selected athletes who come from both the world of motorcycles and MTBs: Speed, Cross, Enduro, Downhill, all disciplines that have allowed them to refine the power and technique needed to face the shoulder-to-shoulder duels of EBX.

Sport, adrenaline and fun also for the public who can test themselves on the same circuit as the riders, pre and post qualifying and races, with their own E-bike or with a model made available by the organizers.

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