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For an eMtb, the standard wheel sizes are 27.5′ or 29′, but it is also possible to find bikes with a “mullet” configuration that includes a 29′ front wheel and a 27.5′ rear one.

Why change the wheel on the ebike after purchase?
What are the advantages and differences?

If your wheel is 29′ and you change it to a 27.5′ you will get a more agile bike in confined spaces as the total measurements will be reduced.
If, on the contrary, you want smoothness, greater traction and better ability to overcome obstacles, it is better to opt for 29′ wheels, always if the geometry of the bike allows it.

Finally, with the “mullet” configuration your e-bike will be more suitable for descending as the center of gravity will lower, while maintaining smoothness on the front wheel. You can then choose the wheel size that best suits your needs!

However, bear in mind that if you decide to change the wheel on the ebike by opting for a different size, this could affect the correct display of the speed.

You should know that the calculation relating to the speed is obtained precisely from the measurement of the rear wheel: if the measurement varies and this is not communicated to the motor, the display will report the data relating to the speed in a less precise manner.

How to solve this problem?

Easy, just go to your dealer and ask him to change the setting using the diagnostic tool. But what if the retailer is far away or if you prefer to proceed independently?

If you have installed the Eplus Advanced kit on your e-bike (for motors where data display is correct), then it’s really very simple to proceed independently!

By choosing the key that represents the gear, you will find yourself in the screen shown in the image where you can choose “circumference” and, therefore, modify the data as you wish by setting the wheel size in a range between 2000 mm and 3000 mm.

This is one of the many customization possibilities offered by the Eplus Tuning app combined with the Advanced version kits!

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