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Orbea Rise is an e-MTB that is receiving unanimous appreciation from riders: light but powerful, with its 60 Nm motor, the Orbea EP8 RS allows a fluid and natural pedaling even on the most technical, less “electric” and more “bikes”.

The low weight makes it agile and facilitates the range of use, limiting consumption. Orbea claims it was designed for long rides, making it the lightest in its class.

This bicycle is very technical and certainly aimed at the great trialist pedalers who for various reasons feel the need to switch to an ebike; in a nutshell, it is an ebike that, in order to function correctly, requires the “leg” and the ability to manage the gear correctly.
Instead, we would not recommend it to anyone approaching this world for the first time.

EP8 motor is in fact an motor of great contrasts, either you love it or you hate it.
Conceived for those who love to pedal, it gives great satisfaction both in performance and in consumption, but does not forgive those who are a beginner of pedaling. In the RS version the motor becomes even more severe: but if you learn how to use it correctly, it will certainly be a great pleasure.

How can you unlock the Orbea RS Rise?

We are often asked the question: is it possible to unlock the Orbea RS Rise?
The answer is: yes, using the Eplus Flash software, exactly like with the 85 Nm EP8! The modification is done directly from a PC, without the need to install kits in the motor.

How does the bike behave once unlocked?

The unlock options at 35 and 50 km\h allow you to maintain smooth pedaling and a constant thrust as speed increases.
The Race unlock, thanks to the map created by Eplus, guarantees an improvement in performance, so much so as to make the driving experience similar to that of an 85Nm EP8 even if in reality the value of 60 Nm of the RS version is not changed.

The low weight of this bike allows you to take advantage of up to the last newton of torque while maintaining easy pedaling on all routes and the data displayed on the dashboard will be correct!

More information on how to unlock the Orbea Rise EP8 RS with the Eplus Flash software can be found here.

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  1. Patrick Cavanagh 26 July 2022 at 10:25 - Reply

    I have an Orbea Urrun 30. It does not use the blue tooth Steps control unit used by other bikes that have a Shimano EP8 RS motor. I’m guessing it’ll still work, but only adjustable via the computer I’ll use to plug it into in the first place. The app won’t work. It this correct?

    • Team Eplus 28 July 2022 at 15:07 - Reply

      Hi Patrick,
      To use the Eplus Flash Software on the EP8 RS motor of your Orbea, you need the SM-PCE, the EW-SD300 wiring and the EW-AD305 adapter to connect the bike to the PC where you installed the software.
      We are at your disposal for any technical support, but the Flash is very easy to use and with a few clicks your ebike is unlocked.

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