Giant SyncDrive 2017/2023 – Advanced Tuning


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  • Installation excluded – Equipped with connectors


Our Giant SyncDrive Sport/Pro/Core 2017-2023  (except the SyncDrive with RideControl Go and RideControl Ergo 3) speed unlock chips are designed to remove the motor lock at 25km/h.
Chip Giant Advanced Tuning + App Eplus Tuning

Chip Giant - App Advanced TuningChip Giant - App Advanced Tuning




5 in stock


Chip Giant 2017-2023 Advanced Tuning

Our speed unlock chips for Giant motor SyncDrive Sport/Pro/Core 2017-2023  (except the SyncDrive with RideControl Go and RideControl Ergo 3) have been designed to remove the motor lock at 25 km/h, and consequently maintain assistance up to 50 km/h (theoretical) by exploiting the performance that this motor can offer.
Installation is simple and takes place in a few minutes, without opening the motor, without the need for power supply, or removal of the original seals; it is also totally invisible as the internal space of the motor cover is used for its housing. Equipped with connectors.

The speed unlock is activated by pressing a button on the on-board computer. The speedometer will always show your actual speed and correct kilometers; the residual autonomy is approximately correct. To activate or deactivate the unlock, use the Walk+ key. Eplus is also equipped with an automatic wheel circumference setting system. The calibration of the wheel size takes place automatically at the first start with the possibility of modifying it manually.
The installation of the Advanced chip for the Giant ebikes is combined with the use of the Eplus Tuning app which offers customizations such as the mappings setting.
The Speed Unlocker functionality is obtained with an in-app purchase of € 0.99; if you do not make the purchase in the app, the unlock does NOT work.

App Eplus Tuning 

App Eplus Tuning. App Eplus Tuning


The Eplus Tuning app for Giant allows you to:

  • unlock speed
  • view the data in real time
  • set the wheel size from 2000 mm to 3000 mm
  • activate the Code Immobilizer, which prevents the motor from being activated
  • set a value up to 50 km/h for the speed (theoretical)
  • set the unlock active when the bike is turned on


How to recognize the right kit for your Giant ebike

Giant SyncDrive 2017-2023 is equipped with:


If the images do not match, the kit suitable for your ebike is:  Giant SyncDrive 2022-2023 Advanced Tuning 



Technical features

HARDWARE: kit with connectors
DEFAULT KEY UNLOCK ACTIVATION: Walk + function (Walk function continues to work)
SPEED DISPLAY: Correct (display, Tuning app and Giant app)
DISPLAY KM TRAVELED: Correct (display, Tuning app and Giant app)
APP AVAILABILITY: yes, Eplus Tuning app (Google Play / Apple Store)


For more technical information on the chip for Giant, consult our MANUAL
Before installing the kits supplied by Eplus it is necessary to carefully read the following:


  • 24 months warranty.
  • It fears humidity and heat sources.
  • We are liable for manufacturing defects and not for incorrect installations.
  • Any firmware update, previous modification with other systems, alteration or damage to the bicycle could result in the non-functioning of the product which can therefore neither be replaced nor refunded.

Eplus guarantees that the product does not have any original conformity defects, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. The function is guaranteed up to the latest version of the original motor; before updating the ebike check the compatibility specified on this page.


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