Bosch Smart System MINI


  • For Bosch gen 4 motors – Smart System (including RACE version) equipped with Led remote or with System controller + Mini remote
  • Available version with extension for  Scott Patron Smart System
  • Available also kit Rim Magnet

A basic and cheap kit to unlock your electric bike
The kit is basic because the modification is always active and data displayed is not correct. 

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Are you looking for a basic and cheap kit to unlock your electric bike?

Eplus offers the new MINI Unlocker kit: it is easy to install as it is plug and play and ensures assistance up to 50 km / h.
All components are of high quality and the connectors are identical to those we offer in the high-end kits.
In the MINI version we have decided to offer only the most important function: the unlocking of the speed.
The kit is basic because the modification is always active and data displayed is not correct.

If, instead, you want a real tuning for electric bikes, we recommend the Eplus Advanced kits: you can switch among different motor mappings, display correct data in the Eplus Tuning App, lock the engine as an anti-theft and other interesting customizations.


Extension for Smart System kit

The extension is used to facilitate assembly of the Eplus kit and is essential for Scott Patron e-bikes (with Smart System, Rim Magnet version excluded).
It consists of two 14 cm long cables with a terminal connector; one harness connects to the speed sensor and the other to the display.


Manual Eplus MINI – Ebike Unlocker 

For more technical information read the MANUAL of your motor:


How to recognize if a Bosch ebike is equipped with the new Smart System?

To be a “Smart System”, an ebike with a Bosch motor must be equipped with a
Led Remote control or, in a second variant, with a System Controller + Mini Remote
The connectors
 also change, becoming smaller than the previous ones.





  • 24 months warranty.
  • It fears humidity and heat sources.
  • We are liable for manufacturing defects and not for incorrect installations.
  • Any firmware update, previous modification with other systems, alteration or damage to the bicycle could result in the non-functioning of the product which can therefore neither be replaced nor refunded.

Eplus guarantees that the product does not have any original conformity defects, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. The function is guaranteed up to the latest version of the original motor; before updating the ebike check the compatibility specified on this page.




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