Flash software for Shimano

Use Flash software to unlock your Shimano e-bike

If you have recently purchased a new electric bike and feel the need to unlock the speed of your Shimano e-bike on private roads and paths, then you are considering various solutions to unlock your bike. Some on the web offer a kit to install with incorrect display of data; moreover, the technology present is almost never compatible with the latest Shimano motor firmware… And what about the uncertainty about the real possibility of restoring the motor to factory conditions?
Do you want something more to unlock the Shimano ebike?

With Eplus the display will have the correct data!

We at Eplus offer you a solution that has already been tested for years: it is not necessary to install any kit in the crankcase and the display of your bike will allow you to view all the data correctly!

Now you can unlock the speed of e-bikes with the Flash Software, designed by Eplus.

This is a system that does not require the installation of kits in the motor crankcase, but only the use of a simple software that we provide to Resellers and now also to individuals in the HOME version.

The use of the software to unlock the Shimano motor you only need the SM-PCE 1 or 2 device, which is the Shimano diagnostic tool normally used to update e-bikes (only for EP8 the EW-SD300 wiring and the EW-AD305 adapter are needed as well).

More details:

1. The data displayed are correct.
2. All the settings are reversible, you can switch back to the original factory version whenever you want.
3. When a firmware update is released, the Eplus Flash software is usually compatible within a few days at most.
4. No downgrade is required to use the software. The downgrade, necessary for other systems on the market, is a risky operation, especially if performed by the app.
5. The system is fully compatible with version 4.9.0 of E8000, 4.1.8 of EP8 and with Di-2 electronic gearbox, EW-EN100, SC-E8000, SC-E6100, SC-E7000, SW-E7000, SW-E6010, EW-SW100.
6. Our team is constantly developing to update our products.
7. Technical support is provided via email and remote sessions with our IT specialists.
8. And at last, you can carry out how many modifications you want on the same bike without paying more.

You don’t have the SM-PCE or prefer the help of an authorized Eplus dealer?

Check on our Dealers’ Map if you have one in your area.
If you want to unlock your bike on your own instead, you can quickly buy the FLASH HOME SOFTWARE online on our website.

What are you waiting for? Unleash the true potential of your ebike with the Flash software.

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