personalizzazione bici elettrica

Are you interested in tuning your electric bike?

Do you want a customized ebike equipped with features that cannot be found in series production?

You are in the right place, Eplus is an Italian company specializing in ebike tuning!
First of all you need to choose and then install the kit suitable for your electric bike, which you can easily find among the products on the website We advise you to choose the Advanced version, which is not the cheapest one, but it will certainly allow you to customize your ebike to the maximum! In fact, only the products in the Advanced version are associated with the use of the Tuning app.

Once the kit is installed, download the Eplus Tuning app for Apple or Android and register; search for your chip and pair it with the app.
If you now want to use the speed unlock, you will be offered the in app purchase of the tuning function at a cost of € 0.99. Attention, the law prohibits the use of the unlocked bike in public areas, you will need to confirm that you are aware of it.
At this point, you can customize your bike forever!


What functions does the Eplus Tuning app offer

There are really many customization possibilities that Eplus offers through the app: you can activate / deactivate the modification, change the motor mappings, correctly view the data relating to speed and km traveled, set the speed up to 50km/h (and even more) and wheel size, prevent the motor from being activated, set the unlock active when the bike is turned on.
The possible tuning functions may vary from one motor to another, check what we offer for your bike: Bosch, Bosch Smart System, Brose, Giant 2017-2022, Giant 2022, Oli, Specialized SL, Specialized Turbo Levo , PW-X3.


How mappings are used

Don’t believe your bike will fly! The torque and motor power will not be increased. You can configure the power delivery curve as a function of speed: in fact, your range is now 0-50 km/h.
In the Eplus Tuning app you will find 6 preset mappings from “eco” to “race”. The mapping you choose is applied to all power levels, so the expected increase is proportional to the level of assistance.
The preset mappings are generic, so the result also depends on the motor and the type of bike. In addition to the existing mappings, it will be possible to create up to a maximum of 6 “ad hoc” mappings to customize your driving style!


Some tips for using the app

The Eplus Tuning app is intuitive and easy to use. However, if you run into any difficulties, here’s what we recommend that you check:
  • Make sure the bike is turned on to be able to connect to the app
  • Make sure the bluet and GPS function are active (only for Android)
  • For some Android phones you may have difficulty connecting to the bike: approach the engine area with the phone and try again several times.


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  1. Gregory 2 February 2023 at 23:42 - Reply

    i have a question regarding the app for shimano. when would this be modified to work with the shimano ep8?

    • Federica Vigliano 6 February 2023 at 11:55 - Reply

      Hi, unfortunately the Tutor app doesn’t work with EP8 motors, but only with E8000 motors.

  2. Nick 23 May 2023 at 08:29 - Reply

    How do I connect to the app to the bike so that I can change the settings.

    • Federica Vigliano 26 May 2023 at 14:47 - Reply

      Hello, regarding your question: once the kit is installed, download the Eplus Tuning app for Apple or Android and register; search for your chip and pair it with the app.

  3. Angus 28 August 2023 at 07:15 - Reply

    I have a gen4 cx 2020 model. I’ve attached the chip and downloaded the app. When I press the walk button I do not get the 2.2 or 1.1 just the normal walk feature.

    • Federica Vigliano 28 August 2023 at 12:53 - Reply

      Good Morning, in response to your comment, you need to make these two checks:
      – Check from the application that it does not have “Ghost” mode activated.
      – Check it doesn’t have the light button to enable/disable the unlock (to check this try pressing the light button and see if it displays “2.2” and “1.1”)

      If the problem is not resolved, open a ticket at this link:

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