Eplus Flash

for engine up to version 1.09

Software developed by Eplus to be installed on your PC, to customize the factory parameters without the need to install hardware components into the engine.


The use does not require particular IT skills.
With our system you can update the bikes in total autonomy and at any time of the day, even at night, without having to send or wait for confirmation emails.
Including customer technical support.

The possibility of modifying engine power is currently under development.



Possibility to look at the factory settings:

– Frame number
– Engine version


Possible settings for racing use:

– Free speed setting up to a maximum of 50 km / h (USA and Canada 40 MPH) with the possibility of resetting to the factory settings.
– Wheel circumference setting

The racing settings are intended for competition use *


The parameters can be modified directly from the PC using an easy-to-use software, without the need for hardware installations, without shipping costs.
The bike must be connected to the PC with the mini-b cable.
Once you have logged in to the Eplus Flash software, you will be able to:

INFO – View the e bike data
RACING MODE – Change the factory parameters for the wheel circumference (assigning a new value) and speed (choosing a new setting up to 50 km/h, or restore to the original version)

Press confirm, then wait for the message indicating the correct programming.
Whenever you change one or more parameters in the RACING MODE section, a credit will be deducted from your totalizer. From this moment on you will be able to make other variations for the same bike (recognized by the system through the chassis number) as many times as you want without paying other credits.


Only dealers can purchase the Eplus Flash Shimano system by contacting their Eplus sales representatives. Retailers will have to purchase the credits that will be available within a few minutes and displayed in the credits counter present in the program.


The software is suitable for e bike up to version 1.09.
To use the system it is necessary to have the mini-b cable, PC with Windows 7 operating system and sup., USB port, internet connection.


Eplus guarantees that the Product is free from original defects of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. Operation is guaranteed until the last version of the original engine specified on this page.


(*) The unlock of the speed limiter in public places such as streets, squares, bike lanes is PROHIBITED BY LAW.
Therefore it is possible to activate the unlocking in private, circumscribed places such as circuits, tracks and private properties. Mounting the device may void the bicycle factory warranty.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage caused to the pedal assisted bicycles on which the Eplus system is installed. The manufacturer declines any responsibility for damage to persons or property caused or in any way related to the use of Eplus.

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