Speed Unlocker POWER

For Bosch 2020 g4 and all CX versions

€ 159 - POWER

The device, equipped with connectors, allows you to remove the lock located at 25 km\h and to maintain the assistance up to 50 km\h, taking full advantage of the engine’s performance.

The installation is completed in a few minutes and without opening the engine, without the need for power and without removing the original seals. The device is totally invisible as it is housed inside the engine casing.

The engine unlock is activated by a button on the on-board computer. The speedometer continues to report the actual speed and the correct kilometers; the residual autonomy is approximately correct.

Speed Unlocker is activated and deactivated by default by the walk button; it is possible to set another option using the light button or by typing a sequence of buttons. The wheel size calibration takes place automatically at the first start with the possibility of manual modification.


The new power version, in addition to the features already included in the Racing Speed ​​Unlocker, offers an exclusive mapping obtained thanks to the use of power tuning *. The engine is more flowing and improves the performance of the e bike, also positively influencing the battery life.
Available for CX 2019-2020 Bosch motors.

* The advantage of customizing engine performance is fundamental, not only in relation to the maximum power output. There are in fact several aspects to consider in relation to the operation of the power units, which are built and then calibrated based on technical compromises, tolerances, strategic and commercial choices. Despite the use of ever more advanced technologies, the engines that come out of assembly lines continue to present differences in terms of yield: very small tolerances in the processing and assembly phases create imbalances that are amplified in the chain and originate, for example, in couplings , in phasing, balancing, operating plays, etc. Finally, certain commercial choices made by the manufacturers determine that the entry level versions are weakened electronically to justify more aggressive marketing operations.


  •  All data on your display will be shown correctly (current speed, average and maximum-speed, distance etc.) even if the tuning is activated
  • autodiagnosys led
  • automatic calibration wheel circomference
  • possibility to set four different methods to activate the unlocker mode
  • possibility to reset km done in unlocker mode. This function is useful in case you’ll sell your bike and you’ll show less km or you are selling your bike and you want to keep your chip and reuse on a new bike. In this case you can delete and clean all additional km done in unlocker mode.
  • without disassembling the chip you have the possibility to recognize which software version is installed. Very useful in case of remote assistance.
  • Described functions are available for you and also end users!


It is FORBIDDEN by law to use Eplus in public places such as roads, squares and cycling paths. So it is possible to use Eplus in areas such as private tracks or properties. The maker denies responsibility due to any damage to pedal assisted bicycles where Eplus is set up. The maker denies responsibility due to any harm to people or objects.

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