• The Eplus Tuning app allows you to set the Advanced Tuning chip for Bosch, Brose, Specialized and Giant motors with your driving style, type of route and experience.


    New app feature to hide the speed unlock. The chip can be activated/deactivated from the app, with the possibility of choosing the unlock status (activated / deactivated) when the e-bike is turned on. Not compatible with Refurbished Chips  
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    TURBO CREO SL, TURBO LEVO SL, TURBO VADO SL e TURBO COMO SL Device designed for e-bikes in order to remove the motor stop at 25 km/h and consequently maintain assistance up to 50 km/h by fully exploiting the performance that the engine can offer. The unlocking of the motor at 25 Km / h is activated via the “Eplus Turbo 19”, the app shows the correct data.     WARNING Before installation, we recommend viewing the manual / video tutorial to evaluate the steps required for correct assembly.
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  • The Tutor App is only compatible with the E8000 motor: the app is not compatible with other motors such as E7000 or EP8  
    The unlock at 32 kmh via in-app purchase and wireless activation by the phone is only available for E8000 up to firmware version 4.8.0: this option is not available for E8000 with firmware version 4.9.0. The Tutor Pro app is developed by Eplus and is used in conjunction with modifications made on e bikes equipped with a Shimano E8000 motor and is only compatible with the SC-E8000 and SC-E7000 displays.
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