For Specialized, in addition to the chip to be installed, the Advanced version is combined with the use of the Tuning app which offers various customizations.

  • Eplus MINI – Ebike Unlocker

    • Installation excluded
    EPLUS KIT MINI UNLOCKER A basic and cheap kit to unlock your electric bike The kit is basic because the modification is always active and data displayed is not correct. MINI kits are currently available for:
    • Ananda M60/M81/M100
    • Ananda M80
    • Bosch Smart System (Not compatible with Scott Patron)
    • Bosch gen. 2-3-4
    • Brose
    • Fazua Ride 60
    • Giant SyncDrive 2022-2023 / Giant SyncDrive 2017-2023
    • Oli Am80
    • Specialized SL / Specialized (motore Brose)
    • Yamaha PW-X/PW-X2/SE/TE/ST
    • Yamaha PW-X3

    Turbo Levo, Turbo Como, Turbo Kenevo, Turbo Vado (except Vado 2.0) Not compatible with motors prior to 2019 Specialized Advanced Tuning Chip + Eplus Tuning App to experience your ebike without limits!
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    TURBO CREO SL, TURBO LEVO SL, TURBO VADO SL , TURBO COMO SL and TURBO KENEVO SL Specialized SL Chip + Eplus Tuning App to experience your ebike without restrictions! app tuning specializedapp tuning specialized     Warning: Before installation, we recommend viewing the Manual or Video Tutorial to evaluate the steps required for correct assembly.
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