Specialized SL Chip – Speed unlocker


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  • Installation excluded
  • Compatibility with Turbo Creo SL, Turbo Levo SL, Turbo Vado SL, Turbo Como SL, Turbo Kenevo SL, Creo SL 2 and Kenevo SL 2
  • Kit in development for the new Specialized 1.2 SL motor.

Specialized SL Chip + Eplus Tuning App
to experience your ebike without restrictions!

app tuning specializedapp tuning specialized



Warning: Before installation, we recommend viewing the Manual or Video Tutorial to evaluate the steps required for correct assembly.

Out of stock

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Specialized SL Chip

Speed unlocker chip for Specialized SL is a device designed for ebikes, in order to remove the motor stop at 25 km/h and maintain assistance up to 50 km/h by fully exploiting the performance that the motor can offer.
The unlocking of the motor at 25 km/h is activated via the Eplus Tuning app, that shows the correct data.


App Eplus Tuning

App Eplus Tuning.  App Eplus Tuning


The app Tuning allows you to:

  • change the motor mappings (6 different mappings from Eco to Race)
  • speed unlocker
  • view the data in real time
  • set the wheel size from 2000 mm to 3000 mm
  • activate the Code Immobilizer, which prevents the motor from being turned on
  • set a speed value up to 75 km/h (theoretical)
  • set the unlock active when the bike is turned on


Technical features

HARDWARE: kit with connectors
SPEED AND KM DISPLAY: correct (if you have the HMI Master Mind)
DEFAULT KEY ACTIVATION UNLOCK: activated by the Walk key (if you have the remote Handlebar), otherwise via the app
APP AVAILABILITY: yes, Eplus Tuning App (Google PlayApple Store)

  • Not compatible with Turbo Vado 3.0
  • If you have the Master Mind HMI, 22 will be displayed when the kit is ON and 11 when the kit is OFF



For more technical information on the speed unlocker chip for Specialized SL, consult our MANUAL and watch our VIDEO TUTORIAL

Before installing the kits supplied by Eplus it is necessary to carefully read the following:


  • 24 months warranty.
  • It fears humidity and heat sources.
  • We are liable for manufacturing defects and not for incorrect installations.
  • Any firmware update, previous modification with other systems, alteration or damage to the bicycle could result in the non-functioning of the product which can therefore neither be replaced nor refunded.

Eplus guarantees that the product does not have any original conformity defects, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. The function is guaranteed up to the latest version of the original motor; before updating the ebike check the compatibility specified on this page.

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