OLI Software – Speed unlocker


For OLI motors (which connect to OLI diagnostics)
For dealers only

With the Flash Software developed by Eplus, once installed on the PC, the dealer can customize the ebike’s factory parameters without the need to install hardware in the motor.


OLI Eplus Flash Software

With our speed unlocker for OLI, via Software, you can unlock the speed of your ebike for a better riding experience.

Possible changes for OLI

For OLI ebikes motors that connect to the diagnostics, it is possible to set the speed parameter up to 50 km/h.
The data relating to speed and km traveled are correctly displayed. The unlock is always active.

How does it work

The software can be used by dealers who have OLI diagnostics.
ONLY bikes that connect to OLI diagnostics can be modified with Flash.

The Flash system works with Bikecoins which dealers can purchase from Eplus.


For more technical information on our speed unlocker for OLI via software, consult our MANUAL and watch the VIDEO TUTORIAL
Before installing the software supplied by Eplus it is necessary to carefully read the following.

Ebike updates

Attention, any update of the bicycle could result in the failure of the product.

Product Warranty

Eplus guarantees that the product has no original conformity defects, pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. The function is guaranteed up to the latest version of the original motor; before updating the ebike check the compatibility specified on this page.


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