Fazua Software – Speed Unlocker

For motors up to 2.04 version
Only for dealers

Software developed by Eplus to be installed on your PC, to customize the factory parameters without the need to install hardware in the motor.

Speed setting up to 75 km/h * (for competition use only)
Wheel circumference setting
Motor power remapping to change the assistance levels going beyond the factory limits up to 200% of assistance
Change of motor rpm parameter

Connect the bike to the PC with the mini-b cable and start the Flash software.
The program is for rent and is intended for those who want to receive it on a trial basis or perform few modifications. Those who wish to benefit from discounts and special commercial conditions can consult our partnership program Pro.

The Flash system works with Bikecoin that Dealers can buy from Eplus: by changing one or more parameters, a share of the purchased Bikecoin will be deducted from the totaliser.

Once the change has been made, if other changes are necessary, the software will recognize the motor number and the modifications will be free, or an additional fee will be required.

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No need to install components in the motor crankcase. The software is easy to use and detailed manuals are available. Possibility to make more modifications on the same ebike without additional costs and to return to factory conditions. Technical support to retailers is included.

Eplus guarantees that the Product is free from original defects of conformity pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/05. Operation is guaranteed until the last version of the original motor specified on this page.

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