Shimano App Tutor – Steps E8000

The app for total control of your Shimano Steps E8000



The unlocking of the speed is subject to a fee and is done at Eplus dealers. It is possible to choose between:

  • UNLOCK 35 km/h
  • UNLOCK 50 km/h

Allows for greater customization of speed and motor mapping.
Subsequently, the user is required to pay € 0.99 with an in-app purchase (once only) for acceptance of the liability assumption clauses. At this point the speed release is active.

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A very useful anti-theft device is also available FREE from the app: when you park the bike in crowded places, before leaving you can press the “LOCK” button: in this way the motor doesn’t work and, in the event of theft, the bike doesn’t provide support . Immediately date, time, GPS position and the owner’s data will be communicated to the Eplus control unit and the electric motor will remain blocked pending a report to the competent authorities. Upon receipt of the complaint, the motor assistance function can only be reactivated if accessed by an Eplus dealer or the Shimano manufacturer. If the thief attempts to wake the system, he will be immediately identified.

Eplus Tutor offers free total customization of the ECO parameters for ebike with Shimano Steps E8000 motor (which can be activated free of charge by Eplus Dealers). Unlike the E-Tube app, which allows you to lower the echo with fixed parameters, Eplus Tutor allows you to freely choose the values ​​for maximum customization. If there are no Eplus Dealers near you, you can write to:

To use the settings feature, you need to have your ebike modified at an Eplus center, using the Eplus Flash software.
The user can choose from 5 preloaded riding modes:

  • ORIGINAL: This setting restores the Dynamic configuration proposed by default by the manufacturer.
  • URBAN: Setting for shooting in an urban environment with a significant reduction in consumption, where there is no need to tackle climbs or challenging routes.
  • TOURING: Setting designed for walking, it has a not too aggressive boost, but at the same time allows you to tackle important climbs even for those who are not particularly trained.
  • ENDURO: Setting designed for off-road and country ideal for all types of terrain, it certainly offers a lot of fun.
  • RACE: Definitely very aggressive setting to be used mainly with Trial mode, and dosing the BOOST for really challenging stretches, however, offers an echo that provides little assistance to minimize consumption during travel
  • CUSTOM: Your favorite settings will be stored and activated with this mapping.

ATTENTION: The use of tuning is only possible for users with modified ebike at an authorized Eplus center.

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