Eplus Flash Pro

For Shimano Steps E 8000 / E6002, also Di2 version

Compatibile for motor version up to 4.6.0

Once used Eplus Flash for Shimano you can make a second level modification with the Pro version of our software. It allows the power tuning, that is a professional service for the tuning and recalibration of the engine.


The advantage of customizing engine performance is essential, not only in relation to the maximum power delivered. There are in fact several aspects to consider in relation to the functioning of the engines, which are constructed and subsequently calibrated on the basis of technical compromises, tolerances, strategic and commercial choices.

Despite the use of more and more advanced technologies, the engines that leave the assembly lines continue to show differences in terms of yield: very small tolerances in the phases of processing and assembly create imbalances that are amplified in the chain and which originate example in couplings, timing, balancing, running games, etc.

Finally, some manufacturers’ commercial choices determine that the “entry level” versions are electronically weakened to justify more aggressive marketing operations.

Only for dealers


In the PRO version, it is now possible to customize the engine torque and power assistance parameters according to the driving style of your customer.

Compared to the factory values modifiable through the original software e tube, our software allows to increase or decrease the values proposing a much wider range than normal values allowed by e tube software.
For example: the original maximum boost value is 300, you can theoretically increase it up to 1000.


The product supplied by Eplus is guaranteed free from original defects as per indications stated by the Italian Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 no. 206 (“Consumer Code”).
Compatibility is guaranteed until the last version of the original engine version specified at the beginning of this page.


Pro version software is dedied to Eplus dealers. To obtain it you have to become a pro retailer, you need to pay a one time – off fee.
To use Eplus Pro you need to pay a credit. It is not necessary only if the racing values (maximum speed, wheel circumference) have already been modified with Flash. Once the credit has been paid, the values can be changed indefinitely.


If you calibrate in the correct way the values, it is possible to obtain lower battery consumption or performance increases in terms of torque and power.  Online training courses are available on request to get the best results.


Eplus provides tools and services to optimize the performance of the engine through the recalibration of the original ECU. Eplus does not provide any modified files ready to use and is not responsible for the tuned files created by its customers.


(*) It is FORBIDDEN by law to use Eplus in public places such as roads, squares and cycling paths. So it is possible to use Eplus in areas such as private tracks or properties. The maker denies responsibility due to any damage to pedal assisted bicycles where Eplus is set up.
The maker denies responsibility due to any harm to people or objects.

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