Eplus Tutor

The app for total control of your Shimano Steps E8000



Our app has 3 different features:

ANTITHEFT, immobilizer against theft.
SETTINGS, to modify engine mappings.
RACING, to unlock the speed limiter


In case of theft it is possible to press the “Report theft” button: immediately date, time, GPS position and the owner’s data will be communicated to our central. Therefore the electric motor will be temporarily blocked waiting to receive the report made by the competent authorities.

The engine assistance function can be reactivated only through the intervention of an Eplus dealer or Shimano manufacturer, so if the thief tries to reactivate the system, he will be immediately identified. We are studying the possibility of offering insurance coverage as well.


To use the settings functionality, you need to have your ebike modified at an eplus center, using the Eplus Flash software. The user can choose between 5 preloaded riding modes.

ORIGINAL: This setting restores the default Dynamic configuration from the manufacturer.

URBAN: Setting for urban environment with a significant reduction in consumption, where there are no big climbs or difficult routes.

TOURING: Setting designed for tours, has a boost not too aggressive, but at the same time allows you to make important climbs even those who are not particularly trained.

ENDURO: Setting designed for off-road, is ideal for all types of terrain, certainly you will have a lot of fun.

RACE: Very aggressive setting to be used mainly with Trial mode, and to dose the BOOST for really challenging sections, however, offers an eco that provides little assistance to minimize consumption while traveling

CUSTOM: In this mode you are free to change the settings as you like.
With the only limitation of not exceed the maximum values set by the dealer.

PAY ATTENTION: The use is possible only for users with e bike modified by an authorized Eplus point.



After paying € 0.99 and accepting the liability clauses, it is possible to unlock the racing feature and modify the speed limiter* according to the engine’s level of assistance.


(*) The unlock of the speed limiter in public places such as streets, squares, bike lanes is PROHIBITED BY LAW.
Therefore it is possible to activate the unlocking in private, circumscribed places such as circuits, tracks and private properties. Mounting the device may void the bicycle factory warranty.

The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage caused to the pedal assisted bicycles on which the Eplus system is installed. The manufacturer declines any responsibility for damage to persons or property caused or in any way related to the use of Eplus.

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