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The app for the total control of your Shimano Steps E8000




Our product is an app for Apple and Android with anti theft protection. It is for e bikes with Shimano Steps E8000/6002 engine.
The use is possible only for users with e bike modified by an authorized Eplus  Point.

After be activated, in case of theft, you can press “SIGNAL THEFT”: date, time, GPS position and owner data will be communicated to our central. Therefore, the power engine will be temporarily blocked awaiting to receive the complaint to the competent Authorities. Upon received, the function of the engine assistance can be activated again only if you go to an Eplus Dealer or the Shimano manufacturer.

If the thief attempts to reactivate the system, he will be immediately identified. We are studying the possibility of also offering insurance coverage.


The market offers solutions mainly with GPS, that can be easily identified. Our solution is cheap and inviolable and makes theft not interesting.

Using an app is the easiest and most immediate act for all smartphone users.

There were many requests for integration of anti-theft functions: we are offering a solution which costs € 0,99

The fact of being easily identified, deters theft. The engine is the most valuable component of the bicycle. The low risk of theft has created interest in the insurance compagnie





ORIGINAL: This setting restores the default Dynamic configuration from the manufacturer.

URBAN: Setting for urban environment with a significant reduction in consumption, where there are no big climbs or difficult routes.

TOURING: Setting designed for tours, has a boost not too aggressive, but at the same time allows you to make important climbs even those who are not particularly trained.

ENDURO: Setting designed for off-road, is ideal for all types of terrain, certainly you will have a lot of fun.

RACE: Very aggressive setting to be used mainly with Trial mode, and to dose the BOOST for really challenging sections, however, offers an eco that provides little assistance to minimize consumption while traveling

CUSTOM: In this mode you are free to change the settings as you like.
With the only limitation of not exceed the maximum values set by the dealer.


PAY ATTENTION: The use is possible only for users with e bike modified by an authorized Eplus PRO point. 




It is FORBIDDEN by law to use Eplus in public places such as roads, squares and cycling paths. So it is possible to use Eplus in areas such as private tracks or properties. The maker denies responsibility due to any damage to pedal assisted bicycles where Eplus is set up. The maker denies responsibility due to any harm to people or objects.

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