Eplus economic kit

It is a new Eplus economic kit with basic functionality compared to those traditionally

This solution ensures assistance up to 50 km/h. The components with which the new economic kit has been made are of high quality.
It is available for the following motors: Bosch, Bosch Smart System, Brose, Specialized, Ananda, Giant, Yamaha PW-X / PW-X2 / SE / TE / ST.
It is still being tested for compatibility for these motors: Specialized SL, Oli / Am80.
Installation is easy and plug and play!
In addition, you can have clear and comprehensive manuals to help you with the installation and provide you with all the technical information you need.
The connectors are identical to those we already offer in the high-end kits. In the Eplus MINI economic kit version, however, we have decided to offer only the most important function: the possibility of unlocking the speed up to 50 km / h. The new kit is basic because the modification is always active and the displayed data is incorrect.

If you are interested in real tuning for electric bikes, we recommend the Eplus Advanced kits. The more advanced version is in fact combined with the use of the Eplus Tuning app which allows you to switch among different motor mappings and store your own, block the motor as a deterrent against theft, choose the modification activation button, activate/disable the unlock from the app and other interesting customizations.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Are you undecided between the two types of kits?

kit eplus economicoIf you are interested in trying the new Eplus MINI kit and the Advanced version to compare them and evaluate which one can best meet your needs, you can visit us at the Italian Bike Festival in Misano, Italy on 9-10-11 September, at stand P14, or you can go to one of the Eplus Dealers on the map.

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